Thursday, 21 April 2016

Shoeburyness - Still the Forgotten Part of Southend

Yesterday, I was given a copy of the Veolia beach cleaning schedule. It was an interesting document in that it is proposed that all beaches will be cleaned except for East Beach? Why was East Beach left off? 
This is just another example of Shoeburyness becoming the forgotten part of Southend under this Independent Party/Labour/Lib Dem/Ex UKIP Administration.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Is This The Better Quality That We Can Expect From This Administration?

We have heard much trumpeting from the coalition Administration that the new waste contract will save over a £1 Million and deliver a better service. There has been much scepticism over these claims. I hope it works out, I really do, but the evidence just recently does not fill me with much confidence.

The above photos were taken in a very small crescent in West Shoebury. A road that in my years of being a councillor has not suffered from fly tipping or missed collection issues.

This sadly is becoming a regular occurance with my colleague Derek Jarvis reporting similar issues in another part of the ward yesterday. The rubbish has been reported to officers with the offending items now being removed.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Martin Terry - Ex Chief of What?

Yesterday, I posted the runners and riders in this years Essex Police & Crime Commissioner elections.

It has been widely announced that the hapless Martin Terry, an Independent councillor and portfolio holder here in Southend, will be standing as a candidate in these elections. He did not disappoint.

When looking at the nomination, I was curious in the description next to Martin Terry's name - Zero Tolerance Policing Ex Chief. What is Martin Terry an ex chief of? Paperclips? My curiosity was that for anyone to have a description next to their name other than the word Independent means that they have to belong to a political party registered with the Electoral Commission.

After a quick look, sure enough, registered in 2012 was the Political Party Zero Tolerance Policing Ex Chief:

So much for Martin Terry's 'independence'. The leader of the party is Kevin Hurley who is currently the Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey and a former Police Detective Chief Superintendent. Last month Mr Hurley shot to national fame after publicly announcing that he 'wanted to break a criminals legs'. Should an elected member in charge of the Police really be advocating violence?

Those who know Martin Terry will now that there is no level that this man would stoop but to claim being an Independent, standing for a political party and trying to pose as a former chief police officer to deceive is probably the lowest that someone can stoop in politics.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Southend Conservatives 2016 Local Election Manifesto

Shoebury Wars - Independent Party Style

A massive row has broken out in Shoeburyness Ward by a former and current Independent Party councillor which has been reported in the Southend Echo.

Whilst the petty squabbling was amusing, the part that really caught my attention was Mike Assenheim's admission that the Independents are a party. Yet however, in a recent leaflet delivered by Mike, he seems to have gone to great lengths to tell residents that the Independents are not a party:

Oops, the guard has slipped...